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Derm-Glo (Derm-Glo)


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Derm-Glo (Derm-Glo)

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Description and Benefits:

Derm-Glo is an herbal capsule manufactured by VHCA Herbals. Derm-Glo has ingredients which make skin complexion even, lighten the dark spots, act as skin whitening agents, remove wrinkles, and moisturize the skin naturally.

Beauty, specially fairness of skin, is a subject of socio-medical importance. Men and women alike share a common desire to have a healthy and youthful skin. Exposure to the sun and various chemicals, and detrimental living habits, all contribute to the dull appearance of the skin. Derm-Glo is a perfect combination of vitamins and herbal plant extracts which provide the nourishment to key building blocks of skin, leading to plumper and firmer skin. Derm-Glo restores the skin's radiance naturally. The ingredients of Derm-Glo also have anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial, antiseptic, and wound healing properties. The capsules are the organic or natural skin care supplement for men, women, and adolescents.



Each 500 mg contain Extracts of

Common Name (Latin Name)


Manjishtha (Rubia cordfolia linn.)

200 mg

Haridra (Curcuma longa linn.)

100 mg

Shyamlata (Lehnocarpus fruitescens R)

50 mg

Safed khadir (Acacia suma buch-ham)

100 mg

Bakain (Melia azedarach linn.)

50 mg

What Research Says

What Research Says?

The various ingredients of Derm-Glo have been extensively described in Ayurveda books for their skin care properties. Various research studies have demonstrated that manjishtha helps in improving skin fairness and in lightening of dark spots mainly due to inhibition of tyrosinase (monophenol monooxygenase, a copper-containing enzyme present in melanocytes that catalyses two major reactions during melanogenesis to form melanin, a natural pigment which impart colour to skin) activity. Haridra has multiple skin care properties including photo protection, anti-ageing, anti-wrinkle, antioxidant, anti-irritant, and moisturising properties, as observed in several research studies. Curcumin present in haridra down-regulates melanogenesis related proteins in stimulated melanoma cells, which bring about skin whitening effect. A research study showed that Safed Khadir also exert its skin whitening activity via tyrosinase inhibition. It is also a powerful astringent and anti-oxidant. Different research studies have shown that Shyamlata and Bakain have potent anti-oxidant and antimicrobial properties, which can be very beneficial for overall skin health. 


Frequently Asked Question :

Q: Is Derm-Glo effective for dark spots?

A: Derm-Glo has the property to make skin tone even and lighten the dark spots. Hence it can be used for getting rid of dark spots.

Q: Can Derm-Glo make my skin feel younger?

A: Derm-Glo has skin rejuvenation properties and hence, it can help in making skin appear younger.

Q: Can this medicine be used for treating dark circles under eyes?

A: Derm-Glo along with disciplined diet (green vegetables and plenty of fluids) can help in reducing and eliminating dark circles over a period of time.

Q: For how long can this medication be used safely?

A: Derm-Glo is 100% herbal preparation. This preparation can be used for relatively longer period of time, and as per the physician’s recommendation, if there are no associated problems.

Q: Can Derm-Glo -treat acne?

A: Due to the presence of blood purifiers which have antiseptic and wound healing properties, Derm-Glo can be used to reduce acne.

Q: Does Derm-Glo have any side effects?

A: When taken in proper dose and under the supervision of an ayurvedic physician, Derm-Glo does not have any known side effects as of now.

Q: Can I use Derm-Glo as a preventive measure for skin-ageing?

A: Yes, it can be used as a preventive measure, but continuous use should be under supervision of an ayurvedic physician.

Q: Are there any precautions to be taken with this medication?

Additional Information

Weight(gm) -shipping 100.0000
Botanical Name Derm-Glo
  1. Wonderful product review by Rakshita on 1/31/2018

    I am a 35-year-old housewife. My skin became very dull during the past couple of years. Then, one of my friends told me about Derm-Glo and how she got benefitted from the product. Knowing about her experience, I decided to give it a try. I am using it since the last 6 weeks, and now I am feeling a refreshing change in my skin and an increased glow in it. My friends and relatives have also noticed the change and have started asking the reason behind the positive change. I am very thankful to VHCA for designing such a wonderful product!

  2. Superb review by Dikha on 1/31/2018

    I am a class 11 student and I was having a lot of pimples on my face, back, and chest during the last 2 years. I started using Derm-Glo 4 months ago and now my skin is free of pimples. Also, the dark spots of my earlier pimples are gone now. Derm-Glo has done wonder to my skin. Than you Derm-Glo!

  3. superb review by naina on 6/26/2017

    quality, quantity, service all are superb

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Do & Donts

  • Do’s (Prefer): Fresh and light warm food, oil massage (snehana), steam bath (svedana), wheat grass juice (to boost immunity), fresh aloe vera gel, mild laxatives, fresh air, plenty of sleep, and 3-4 litres of water every day
  • Don’ts (Avoid): Imbalanced or fat rich diet, cold food, fried food, excess use of tea or coffee, carbonated drinks, excessive spices, alcohol, smoking, meat (especially red meat), acidic and sour foods