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Digesta (Digesta)


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Digesta (Digesta)

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An imbalance in the digestive system is responsible for a host of ailments derailing the whole life style. Digestive fire breaks down food we eat into nutrients to nourish every cell of our bodies. Improving digestive fire ensures overall health and well-being. We formulate Diggesta care supplement that improves overall digestion and brings about a radical improvement in lot of physical imbalances. Digesta care Capsule is a natural health supplement which along with Digestive Enzyme Capsule encourages the digestive enzymes for healthy digestion.

Digesta Care is revered in ayurveda for its cleansing and nourishing benefits:

• Cleanses, tones and rejuvenates the digestive tract
• Detoxifies the liver, intestines and blood
• Enhances the 13 agnis (digestive enzymes)
• Assists the body in absorbing nutrients from food. Digesta Care is antioxidant-rich.
• Promotes healthy circulation and includes capillary-supporting flavonoids; works as a cardio tonic
• Helps body tissue to detoxify slowly, including blood, muscle and fat tissues
• Assists with maintaining healthy levels of cholesterol
• Constituents include vitamin C and quercetin
• Supports respiratory health
• Assists the body with normal elimination, acting as a mild laxative

Tips & Advice

• Avoid eating leftovers and foods that contain preservatives. Your body has to work harder to eliminate these impurities from the liver and cells.
• Avoid cold drinks, as these reduce digestive power.
• Drink plenty of warm water to help flush toxins from the body.
• Avoid cigarette smoke, alcohol, drugs, chemicals, pollution and exposure to other toxins as much as possible.
• Go to bed by 10 p.m. so the body can rest during its natural purification cycle from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m.
• Eat your main meal at noon, when your digestive fire is high.
• Don’t watch TV, read or work while you’re eating.
• Engage in light, pleasant conversation while you’re eating to support good digestion.
• Eat plenty of green, leafy vegetables and stick to a high-fiber diet of fresh fruits, vegetables and grains


Each 500gm contain Extracts of :- 
Latin Name Qunatity
Mentha arvensis linn. 100mg
compound drugs 100mg
compound drugs 75mg
operculina turpethum silva manso 50mg
Allium salivum linn. 100mg
cuminum cyminum linn. 50mg


For Teens & Adults  : 1 to 2 Capsules twice a day with meal.


Additional Information

Weight(gm) -shipping 100.0000
Botanical Name Digesta
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