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VHCA recommends Cow Urine Capsules as a liver cleanser, blood purifier, and as digestive aid. Since cow urine is in the mode of goodness, it will therefore invigorate the physical, mental, and moral senses. VHCA COW URINE CAPSULES is also beneficial in all kind of diseases and useful for heart diseases, high blood pressure, and effective in mental illnesses.

• VHCA Cow Urine Capsules has amazing germicidal power to kill varieties of germs. All germ generated diseases are thus destroyed.
• According to Ayurveda the cause of all diseases is the imbalance in three faults (tri-dosas) i.e. mucous, bile and air. VHCA Cow Urine Capsules balances the tri-dosas, thus diseases are cured.
• VHCA Cow Urine Capsules corrects functioning of liver. So, liver makes healthy pure blood. It gives disease resistance power to the body.
• There are some micro nutrients in our body, which give life strength. These micro nutrients are flushed out through urine. Therefore gradually ageing steps in our body. VHCA Cow Urine Capsules has all elements, which compensate for deficiency of nutrients in our body, which are required for healthy life. Thus VHCA Cow Urine Capsules stops ageing process. So it is called an elixir and also life giving.
• VHCA Cow Urine Capsules contains many minerals especially Copper, gold salts, etc. It compensates for bodily mineral deficiency. Presence of gold salts protects body against diseases.
• Mental tension hurts nervous system. Cow urine is called medhya and hradya, which means it, gives strength to brain and heart. Thus VHCA Cow Urine Capsules protects heart and brain from damages caused by mental tension and protects these organs from disorders and diseases.
• Excessive use of any medicine leaves some residue in our body. This residue causes diseases. VHCA Cow Urine Capsules destroys the poisonous effects of residues and makes body disease free.


Dehydrated cow urine.


Dose: Take 1-2 Capsules twice a day with warm water. 


Take 1-2 Capsules twice a day with warm water.

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