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Spermofit Granules

Spermofit Granules


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Spermofit Granules

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Description and Benefits:

Sexual relationship is one of the most important social and biological relationships in human life. In the modern era of technology and busy life style, sexual disorders and infertility are quite common due to enormous stress. Oligospermia (low sperm count), azoospermia (no sperms in semen), low sperm motility, sexual, and ejaculatory dysfunction are some common disorders in males responsible for infertility in numerous cases. Although many synthetic drugs are available to treat these disorders, but these are expensive and have potential to provoke serious adverse effects. Thus, treatment with natural herbs can be the treatment of choice for such disorders. These herbs could provide additional benefits in the form of additional nutrition and may help in regaining fertility without any adverse effects.

Spermofit is a research-based powerful herbal formulation designed by VHCA for improving quantity and quality of sperms. Spermofit is a wonderful mixture of ayurvedic herbs that have direct references in the ancient Indian literature and have proven clinical usefulness in modern clinical research. The rejuvenating herbs present in Spermofit enhance male fertility by increasing testosterone levels in blood, by increasing blood flow to the male genital organs, and by relieving stress that helps in preventing sperm damage. The herbs in Spermofit are the accepted sources of the essential minerals that strengthen the male reproductive system. Many of these herbs have been cited in Ayurveda as Shukrajanana (increase the production of sperms) and Shukrasodhana (improve the quality of sperms).

Spermofit helps in generating sperms, increasing sperm motility, vitalizing reproductive organs, increasing male hormones level, and treating infertility in males. It is also beneficial in various sexual inadequacies like decrease in sexual desire, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and decrease in time of intercourse.

Direction of Use:

The recommended dosage is 1 tablespoon with warm milk twice in a day. Please consult your physician for more accurate assessment of your dose according to your disease and condition.



Each 1000 milligrams (mg) of granules contain:

Common Name (Latin Name)

Quantity (in mg)

Kauncha (Mucuna Pruriens)


Makhana (Auryala ferox)


Safed Musli (Asparagus Adscendens)


Shatavari (Asparagus Racemosus)


Talmakhana (Asteracantha Longifolia)




What Research Says

What Research Says:

Various clinical and preclinical studies over the last few years have demonstrated the efficacy and safety of herbs used in Spermofit for different sexual disorders in males. According to modern research, many of these drugs act directly on central nervous system and bring about chemical alteration in the neurons, which govern sexual function. The drugs may also act indirectly by altering blood flow to the genitalia. Following is a list of various research studies suggesting efficacy of herbs used in Spermofit for different sexual disorders:

  • Kauncha helped in recovering both the quality and quantity of sperms in infertile men in various clinical research studies, which has been attributed to its nutritional, stress-reducing, aphrodisiac, and health restoring properties. It significantly ameliorated psychological stress and seminal plasma lipid peroxide levels. In addition, it significantly improved the male sex and other hormones contributing to improved fertility simultaneously reducing female sex hormones present in men.
  • In a clinical research study, Kauncha effectively and significantly raised the sperm count and showed good improvement in other seminal parameter such as volume of semen, pH of semen, and motility of sperms. It also significantly increased the sexual desire, penile rigidity, erection and duration of ejaculation with orgasm.
  • Based on a research study it was proposed that Kauncha improves sperm production by regulating the reactive oxygen species level, apoptosis, mitochondrial membrane potential, hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis, and the number of testicular germ cells, which ultimately leads to increased sperm count and motility.
  • Makhana seeds are low in saturated fats, sodium and cholesterol, and are high in magnesium, potassium and phosphorus. It contains easily digestible proteins, carbohydrates, fat, total minerals, phosphorus, and iron. It acts as an aphrodisiac (improves sexual desire) and increases quality and quantity of semen, prevents premature ejaculation, increases libido and hence, helps in treating male infertility.
  • In a clinical research study, extract of Safed Musali showed statistical significant improvement in semen volume, sperm count, sperm motility, and percent normal sperm morphology in healthy male volunteers. Improvement in anabolic, reproductive, and sexual activities have been reported by treatment with extract of Safed Musali in many other animal research studies.
  • Aqueous extract of Shatavari has demonstrated a pronounced anabolic effect with improved sexual behaviour and penile erection in an animal research study.
  • Extract of aerial parts of Talmakhana showed androgenic effect with improvement of sexual behaviour and enhanced sperm count in dose dependent manner in an animal research study.  


Frequently Asked Question:

Q: How long Spermofit should be used?

A: Spermofit is an ayurvedic formulation that works naturally. It is recommended to be used regularly for at least 60 days for its beneficial effects to be apparent. For better and long-lasting results, it should be used for longer duration. In case of some disease or discomfort with the medication, you should consult your physician for direction and duration of its usage.

Q: What are the side effects of Spermofit?

A: Spermofit is 100% herbal preparation with no reported side effects if taken under medical supervision of a qualified physician. It is non-habit forming and also non-narcotic.

Q: Can Spermofit be used by healthy men?

A: Yes, healthy men can also derive many benefits from Spermofit. However, you should consult to an ayurvedic physician for your specific needs.

Q: Are there any precautions to be taken with this product?

A: Following are the do’s and don’ts for this product:

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  1. Thanku Spermofit review by Harry Singh on 3/3/2018

    I am a 44-years old man. I was not able to become father due to oligospermia as per my doctor. I could not get benefitted from various medicines that I used for the problem. Then, one of my friends suggested me to use Spermofit. I continued use of this product for 3 months. Quality of my semen improved after the treatment as indicated by the test results. Now, I am a father of 2 children. Thank you, Spermofit, for changing my life!

  2. Best Product review by Ashish Verma on 3/3/2018

    I am a 38-years old man. My wife was not able to conceive even after 5 years of our marriage. Her medical examination and lab tests were normal but my sperm count was detected to be low. I went to many fertility clinics to get this treated but could not attain normal sperm count. One of Ayurvedic physician suggested me to use Spermofit. I used the product for 3 months. The results were very good and my sperm count became normal. My wife conceived within one year of the beginning of treatment and now I am a proud father of two kids. I would like to recommend Spermofit to all those men who are facing a problem similar to mine.

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Do & Donts

  • Do’s (Prefer): Shashtika Sali (a specific variety of rice harvested in 60 days)along with milk, ghee, butter, coconut water, black gram soup, eggs, fresh vegetables, fruit, chicken, and milk, good sleep etc.
  • Don’ts (Avoid): Too much spicy or acidic food, excessive salt and fat rich food, stale food, pickles, chutney, late night dinner, junk food, alcohol, smoking, anxiety, melancholy, fear, stress, depression, malnutrition, cytotoxic drugs, exposure to radiation, excessive indulgence in sex etc.