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Pylomac Ointment

Pylomac Ointment


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  • Pylomac Ointment Pylomac Ointment

Pylomac Ointment

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Quantity: 10 gm, See dosage and product description below
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Piles, fistula and fissure are very painful diseases.In allopathy, there are no perfect solution till now.Available treatment for theses diseases in allopathy is very painful and full of side effect. VHCA Ayurveda provide a good solution for these diseases.

Pylomac Ointment helps to cure piles
Pylomac Ointment useful in treatment of fistula & fissure
Pylomac Ointment reduce the pain in piles, fistula and fissure
Pylomac Ointment reduce burning sensation in these diseases



Kasis Classical 100 mg
Kalihari mool Gloriosa superba 100 mg
Kuth Saussurea leppa 100 mg
Sonth Zingiber officinale 100 mg
Piper  Piper longum 100 mg
Saindhav Classical 10 mg
Mainsil Classical 50 mg
Kanermool Nerium odorum 20 mg
Vavding Embelia ribes 20 mg
Chitrakmool Plumbago zeylanica 70 mg
Dantimool Boliospermum 50 mg
Katu toribeej Luffa acutangula 50 mg
Satyanasi mool Argemone mexicana 30 mg
Harital Classical 30 mg
Aak pan Calotropis Gigantea 30 mg
Neemgiri Azadirachta Indica 200 mg
Khunkharaba Daemonorops draca 200 mg
Resaunt Extractum berberis 200 mg
Kapoor camphora 200 mg
Trinkant Pinus succinifera 100 mg


Dose - Use with applicator after every defecation or in the morning and evening.

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